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Parent Education

The Family Center Parent Education. 


Parenting Together, Living Apart is a 4-hour course that satisfies the Commonwealth of Virginia’s legal requirement of parents with contested custody issues. Upon completion, participants receive a

copy of the popular written manual, Parenting Together, Living Apart, by Dr. Glory Fox Dierker, and a court-approved certificate of completion.


Children thrive when parents, even living under separate roofs, collaborate in providing safe and secure environments for them. Co-parents can work together to ensure that their children grow up feeling securely attached to both parents. Children who grow up securely attached, become happy, healthy, self-reliant, and empathic adults able to experience rich and fulfilling lives. The rewards of raising securely attached children last a lifetime.

This course is unique in that it was developed and is taught by experts in both psychology and law. Please inquire about parent education on additional topics, as well as group purchase of Parenting Together, Living Apart, the manual.

"Parenting Together, Living Apart" Class Schedule 2020: 

January 25               May 16                     September 19

February 29             June 20                   October 17 

March -canceled    July  18                     November 21

April 18                     August - no class   December 19


*Classes are held on Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm. The course fee is $50, which includes the original course manual and certificate of completion. Please call our front office at (703) 998-5606 during normal business hours, and someone would be glad to help you register.

*If you are interested in a specific parenting topic or presentation to a private group, please let us know! 

"I can't say enough good things about the family center. Really. These guys really care. Especially Glory the founder/director and her daughter too. At one time or another, every member of our family has been to The Family Center. We're talking long-term clients who have relied on various therapists for various family crises and problems that have sprung up. My husband and I have gone to couples counseling and our kids have both been in for play therapy. It wasn't always easy but in the long run therapy has made a huge difference in our abilty to enjoy each other, slow down, and have fun as a family again. We highly recommend this practice! 

~ Bette B.

“I'm really grateful to The Family Center for turning what could've been a complete nightmare into a truly transformative process, resulting in a MUCH better life for me, our four kids, and their mother. Believe it or not (as contentious as we were!) my ex and I have turned into enthusiastic co-parents. Our kids are thriving-- we're even able to (post-divorce) all have dinner together from time to time. This never would've happened had we gone the traditional divorce route. I highly recommend this process!”

~Bobby D.